Addressing the Gender Gap on Twitter

Rose Horowitz
3 min readJun 9, 2022

I’ll be talking about this as a guest on @MadalynSklar’s #TwitterSmarter chat & TwitterSpaces discussion

By Rose Horowitz

Excited to talk about some cool, important questions with Madalyn Sklar this week on her #TwitterSmarter chat. We’ll be discussing these questions:

1- Is there gender equity on Twitter?

2- What’s the point of #WomenToFollow?

3- How can we make Twitter more welcoming to women and gender-diverse populations?

There will be more questions and a great exchange of ideas.

I hope you’ll join us.

I’d love to hear what you observe, how you think men can support women and gender-diverse populations on Twitter, and who you name as your 3 #WomenToFollow.

If you can’t participate in the Twitter chat, there’s an alternative way to chat -on social audio.

Madalyn, one of the great leaders on social media, holds a sort of after-party: a #TwitterSmarter TwitterSpace. Christine Gritmonis the co-host.

We won’t be writing and posting tweets at that point: we’ll be talking. I liken TwitterSpaces to a call-in radio show.

Here’s a bit about how I created the #WomenToFollow hashtag. In 2018, I posted a tweet asking people “get this Twitter party started” to name three #WomenToFollow. I did so after reading a tweet about a study showing that of the 3,000 journalists credentialed to cover Congress, women reporters’ voices barely seem to count.

Men replied to men 92 percent of the time. Of the 25 reporters that men retweet the most, only three of them were women.

The hashtag went viral, generating 12 million views in its first two weeks. I wrote a blog about it for GenderAvenger.

I had started a global movement to amplify women’s voices on social media.

When I saw it struck such a nerve, I started to write profiles as Twitter threads of leading women in…



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