Addressing the Gender Gap on Twitter

Rose Horowitz
3 min readJun 9, 2022

I’ll be talking about this as a guest on @MadalynSklar’s #TwitterSmarter chat & TwitterSpaces discussion

By Rose Horowitz

Excited to talk about some cool, important questions with Madalyn Sklar this week on her #TwitterSmarter chat. We’ll be discussing these questions:

1- Is there gender equity on Twitter?

2- What’s the point of #WomenToFollow?

3- How can we make Twitter more welcoming to women and gender-diverse populations?

There will be more questions and a great exchange of ideas.

I hope you’ll join us.

I’d love to hear what you observe, how you think men can support women and gender-diverse populations on Twitter, and who you name as your 3 #WomenToFollow.

If you can’t participate in the Twitter chat, there’s an alternative way to chat -on social audio.

Madalyn, one of the great leaders on social media, holds a sort of after-party: a #TwitterSmarter TwitterSpace. Christine Gritmonis the co-host.

We won’t be writing and posting tweets at that point: we’ll be talking. I liken TwitterSpaces to a call-in radio show.



Rose Horowitz

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